Trusted Family Solicitors: Guiding You Through Complex Legal Matters

Trusted Family Solicitors: Guiding You Through Complex Legal Matters

Matters of family law can take a huge emotional toll. Whether dealing with a divorce, child arrangements or domestic abuse, any issue that involves ex-partners or family members and the court can be incredibly stressful and provoke feelings of worry and anxiety. These types of cases can also be extremely complex, involve very sensitive and personal matters such as family finances; family law can be a notoriously challenging area to navigate without expert help.

What is a family solicitor?

A family solicitor is a lawyer who specialises in family law. Family law cases can be distressing for the families involved and can have an enormous impact on the day-to-day lives of spouses, parents, children and the wider family unit, including grandparents.

Due to the types of the issues they will routinely deal with, a family solicitor will be skilled in dealing with upsetting, sensitive and stressful cases. Empathetic and professional, a family solicitor’s role is to sensitively guide their client through a range of family law issues, regardless of whether they’re handling a financial settlement, filing a non-molestation order or representing a parent in child arrangements proceedings.

A family solicitor’s role isn’t just limited to providing legal advice about the recommended course of action. They’ll support their clients throughout the legal process and may represent their clients in the family court, handle negotiations with the other party or assist in mediation. In addition to using their legal expertise to progress a case, a family solicitor will also provide practical assistance. This may include the drafting of documents such as court applications, dealing with paperwork including witness statements, and handling communications relating to the case.

What area of law do family solicitors deal with?

As the name suggests, a family solicitor’s area of expertise is legal matters which relate to family issues. The remit of a skilled family solicitor is broad, encompassing a wide range of cases.

Examples of cases covered by family law include:

Divorce: Dealing with the fall out of a separation requires tact and empathy, as well as a clear head. A family solicitor can help with all aspects related to divorce and separation, including when a fair property split needs to be agreed, a financial settlement negotiated, and child arrangements made.

Domestic violence and abuse: A family solicitor can help victims of domestic violence and domestic abuse to gain legal protection from their abuser. This includes assisting victims in applying for Non-Molestation Orders (NMO), as well as connecting them with additional specialist resources.

Disputes involving childcare: If two parents can’t reach an agreement on where their children should live and how much time he or she should spend with each parent following a separation, a family solicitor can help. They can work with you to achieve the best possible outcome for your family. This assistance could take the form of dispute resolution or representing you in family court during hearings for issues such as child arrangement orders, child custody disputes and prohibited steps orders.

These are just a few examples of areas the types of cases that a family solicitor will routinely deal with. As family law is such a varied and complex area of the law, a family solicitor will also deal with myriad other matters spanning the spectrum of family life. This includes assisting in establishing parental responsibility and dealing with adoption, to helping victims of forced marriages and assisting families when the local authority has become involved with them.

Are family solicitors expensive?

Family law cases are often lengthy and may involve multiple hearings. As a result, court proceedings can be costly.

Here at National Legal Service, we offer several payment options. Traditionally, your family solicitor will work to a fixed hourly rate. You’ll be given an estimated overall cost for your case and then pay an hourly rate for the services of your appointed family solicitor.

In some cases, a fixed fee structure will be available. For those cases, you’ll be charged a fixed fee for the work your family solicitor will undertake.

Depending on your personal financial circumstances and the specific nature of your case, you may be eligible to apply for Legal Aid. Legal Aid doesn’t automatically cover the entirety of your legal costs, but it can ease the financial pressure of pursuing a family law case in certain circumstances.

Can a family solicitor represent you in family court?

Yes. A family solicitor can represent you in family court. Many of our family solicitors are members of Resolution and are members of the Law Society Children’s Panel. We are also accredited by the Law Society in matters of family law and advanced family law.

We’re here to provide confidential, specialist advice on all matters of family law. Contact us today to discuss your situation in confidence.

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