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Our experienced child custody solicitors put children first

At National Legal Service, we know that doing what’s best for your child or children remains your top priority as you navigate through separation or divorce proceedings – our child custody solicitors share your priority and put your children first.

In many situations, particularly in the amicable dissolution of a relationship, custody arrangements can often be agreed between the parents. Typically, these agreements take the form of a joint custody agreement, with the child spending equal time with each parent, or an arrangement can be made in which children live primarily with one parent – the resident parent – spending time with the non-resident parent as agreed.

However, in some situations that are not quite as straightforward or amicable, child custody solicitors can step in to offer tailored, professional legal advice to help identify the living arrangements that take into account the best interests of the child or children.

Situations in which child custody solicitors can help include:

  • Child custody arrangements that are contested by a parent
  • Child contact arrangements that are contested by a parent
  • Disagreements between parents regarding the upbringing of the child
  • Disputes relating to child maintenance or child support payments
  • Dissolution of international relationships
  • Dissolution of Islamic marriage
  • Child custody arrangements in cases of allegations of domestic violence

Family mediation services during child custody discussions

While there are exceptions, the view of the courts is that, in many cases, it is best for the welfare of the child or children if they maintain contact with both parents. This means that, at National Legal Service, our priority as child custody solicitors is to put the interests of the child or children first by assisting and supporting parents to resolve their issues amicably. Our experienced, empathetic team is here to help you work through your concerns calmly and fairly, to reach a mutual agreement without the stress and anxiety of invoking court action. This can be achieved through family mediation.

National Legal Service is able to appoint child custody solicitors for both parents throughout the family mediation process if required, ensuring that independent support, guidance, and expert legal advice are available for all parties, every step of the way.

Appointing child custody solicitors

If you are struggling to come to a mutual agreement regarding child custody, or if you anticipate custody challenges arising during your divorce or separation proceedings, the sooner you reach out the better. By appointing experienced child custody solicitors during the early stages of proceedings, it’s possible to prevent existing issues and concerns from escalating, giving you the best chance of securing an agreement that not only works for you, but which also supports your child during times of change.

Speak to one of our experienced child custody solicitors today by calling the National Legal Service team on 0203 601 5051, or you can request a consultation online.

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