Emergency Protection Orders

Experienced Solicitors to advise on Emergency Protection Orders

If social services give you notice of or serve you with an application for an EPO (emergency protection order) it is important to seek legal representation as quickly as possible as those cases are usually listed within hours of the local authority (social services) putting the application before the court. These orders are applied for by a local authority when they are concerned that a child is at risk of immediate significant harm, meaning swift action is required.

In order to satisfy the court of a need for an EPO, the local authority has to evidence the reasons for their concern. EPOs are only applied when there is a credible fear of significant harm to any child/ren of the family and they satisfy a balance of harm test that if they are not removed from their current living arrangements, that harm will occur/is likely to occur. The nature of this type of application can be incredibly stressful and upsetting for all involved.

Why choose National Legal Service solicitors?

While Emergency Protection Orders are only short-term court orders (lasting for up to eight days), they can be extended for a further seven days on application. In addition, these orders frequently lead to subsequent applications and complications, such as an application for a care order.

In this instance, the parent or guardian will face the prospect of being assessed as to whether they should remain as the primary carer for their child/ren and this is something that certainly causes significant distress and disruption for the family. When facing such a situation, it is critical that you have skilled professionals guiding you through the process and ensuring that your voice is heard in court.

We understand that each case is very individual, and always treat our clients as people, rather than simply a legal issue to be resolved. Our family solicitors have the skills and experience needed to bring about the best possible resolution, while treating all clients with dignity and understanding throughout.

The solicitors at the National Legal Service are also particularly skilled in the area of family law, which encompasses emergency protection orders and a number of other complex issues which you may face as a result of an EPO application.

With empathy and honesty, as well as the expertise you need, we’ll always fight for the best interests of our clients and their family. All the while, you will be kept fully engaged and informed about the progress of the case and any steps which are required at each stage.

What if I can’t afford to pay a solicitor?

If you are facing Emergency Protection Order proceedings, then you will automatically qualify for legal aid which ensures you can have access to expert representation.

Unlike some forms of legal aid, you will be able to access this support without undergoing any means and merit testing.

If you receive an application for an EPO, we can advise on the next steps to support and represent you in your case.

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