Forced Marriages

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The National Legal Service’s expert team is experienced in all areas of family law, including the difficult subject of forced marriages. Sadly, we know that situations where a client is being forced into marriage against their will can occur with any age group, but they tend to affect young individuals most frequently.
The combination of cultural difficulties, legal complexity and the youth of those involved calls for a specialist team able to navigate all of these areas with skill and sensitivity.

Why choose The National Legal Service?

At National Legal Service, we have many years of combined experience in helping our clients both avoid and escape from forced marriages. We are able to assist our clients with not only living their lives with their free will intact, but also in giving them the support they need to understand all of their legal options, no matter what stage of a forced marriage they are currently navigating.

In addition to working on high profile cases in this arena, our team is multi-lingual, enabling them to avoid communication barriers which may otherwise prove problematic. We are adept at getting to know the real person we seek to help, rather than simply viewing them as another case.

All of our efforts will be targeted towards ensuring your case is handled with care and dignity.

How can the National Legal Service help if you’re facing a forced marriage?

When we become involved in cases of forced marriage, the client has often contacted the police, which then leads to our representation. In other instances, we are contacted directly. In addition to discussing all options available to the client for the immediate wellbeing, we can advise from our position of knowledge and experience on the best course of action moving forward through the legal system.

We are able to help prepare statements and court documents, as well as representing the individual in a court setting. In many instances, we will work towards securing a Forced Marriage Protection Order, which prevents parents or guardians or any person from forcing their child or an individual into a marriage against their will.

We know how stressful it is to fight against a forced marriage, and we always take into account the needs and wants of the client we work with. We will carefully discuss how to proceed and keep the individual updated throughout each stage of the process. This approach helps to ensure that our client always feels fully included in their own legal representation and care, affording valuable peace of mind.

Speak to a member of our legal team for specialist advice against forced marriage now.

We know each case is unique and we are always happy to talk about your individual circumstances. If you’re being pressured into a forced marriage, or are concerned about someone who is, contact the National Legal Service on 020 3601 5051.

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