Legal Aid Family Lawyers

Legal Aid Family Lawyers

Legal disputes can quickly become expensive, causing many to miss out on receiving the justice they deserve. In these instances, legal aid is designed to help you find the right legal solution to your problems, without worrying about the financial toll.

Providing access to experienced legal aid family lawyers, legal aid ensures that you are not left unrepresented in the court room. Qualifying for legal aid is dependent upon your individual circumstances and is typically provided following means and merits testing.

After these criteria are met, your representative will then be able to help you achieve a favourable result from your legal dispute or problem.

How can the National Legal Service help if you need legal aid?

At National Legal Service, we aim to help as many people as possible receive expert legal guidance and representation. We are one of the UK’s most trusted providers of legal aid, providing a superior service and compassionate client care to all our clients, from a wide range of backgrounds.

Our areas of expertise include a strong focus on family law, making us ideally placed to assist with legal aid cases in this arena. We are the biggest legal aid provider for domestic abuse cases in England and have worked on a number of high-profile cases for clients across the country.

We have a national presence and retain local offices across the UK. This provides us with the ideal blend of localised knowledge and national experience. Our multi-lingual staff comes from diverse backgrounds, for additional ease of communication.

Do I qualify for legal aid?

Each legal aid application is assessed on a case-by-case basis, and in order to quality you will need to meet a series of key criteria. Your eligibility will be dependent on a series of important factors, most prominently both the type of case and your own financial circumstances.

Your financial situation will not be assessed in cases which relate to children in care or child abduction proceedings, but in all instances it is likely you will have to submit evidence which prove the necessity of your case.

Legal aid does not always cover all of your costs. On some occasions, you may be required to pay some of the costs back or pay them upfront, however access to legal aid is still sure to help ease the financial burden.

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