Occupation Orders

Do you need legal help with occupation orders?

Occupation orders are designed to help regulate who is to have access to/ be excluded from the family home and are an important part of family law..

The order is relief under the Family Law Act 1996 and can prove useful in enforcement of a right to remain in the property, as well as prohibiting access or requiring individuals to depart occupancy. They may also be used to exclude an individual from an area where the property is situated.

These orders are only issued in particularly serious circumstances, such as when domestic abuse or an irreconcilable relationship breakdown has taken place. They are sometimes used in conjunction with orders which help to prevent harassment and allow an individual to go on with their life within the family home (non molestation orders).

As a result, there are stringent criteria which lead to these orders being granted as they are considered to be draconian in nature, and expert guidance is needed to ensure an accurate application is submitted supported by strong evidence.

How can National Legal Service help with your occupation order case?

The seriousness of occupation orders makes experienced, clear and accurate legal guidance particularly important. We have assembled an accomplished, highly respected team of family law solicitors to help with your case. In addition to this expertise, we are a national company with a regional focus across the UK, ensuring that we are there to support our clients every step of the way.

When working with us, you will always be kept informed of the progress of your case, and we will also talk you through your options in detail so we can decide the best plan of action, together. We are committed to delivering specialist legal care, which is both professional and empathetic at a difficult and often confusing time.

Our role is to ensure your family remains safe and secure, whether by keeping occupancy of a property or barring individuals who pose a threat from the property. We will work closely with you to achieve a positive result.

What if I can’t afford a solicitor?

If you are unable to afford a solicitor, you may be eligible for legal aid. This system is there to ensure that everyone has access to the best legal team possible, regardless of their financial circumstances. All applications are confidential and subject to assessment of means and merits.

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