Secure Accommodation Proceedings

Secure Accommodation Proceedings

A Local Authority may apply for a secure accommodation order on the basis that a child has a history of absconding and is likely to abscond from anywhere else and if he/she does abscond he/she is likely to suffer significant harm.
If the court is satisfied with merits of the case, it can make an order authorising the child to be kept in secure accommodation and will provide details regarding the timelines for which that child will be kept there.


How long does a secure accommodation order last?

An order can last for 3 months and can be renewed for 6 months thereafter

Is legal aid available?

Public funding is non means/non means tested for the child who is subject to the order. In respect of those with parental responsibility legal aid is means and merits tested.

What should I do if I am served with an application for a secure accommodation order?

You should consult a solicitor immediately who will be able to advise you as to whether you are eligible for public funding.

Care proceedings and Child Protection Solicitors

The law surrounding Secure Accommodation Orders can be complex and legal advice is strongly advised. At National Legal Service Solicitors, we will do everything to ensure that the Local Authority acts diligently and fulfills the statutory requirements to ensure that the child remains with the family as far as possible. Legal aid is available in these matters.

Ask for a Law Society Children Panel Solicitor at any one of our branch offices regarding Care Proceedings, an EPO, Secure Accommodation, and contact with a child in Care, Special Guardianship or Adoption.

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