National Legal Service Works Swiftly to Reunite a Mother and Her Child

National Legal Service Works Swiftly to Reunite a Mother and Her Child

In this recent case, National Legal Service Solicitors were instructed via a referral from the National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV); Sharon* (Not her real name) had been signposted to the NCDV by the police.

Sharon had been in a relationship with the father of her child for 3 years. During their relationship her partner was both physically and emotionally abusive towards her, abuse that continued after the relationship ended.

One this particular day, the ex-partner arrived at Sharon’s home, he informed her he was taking the child to the shops promising to return after a short period. Sharon became worried when he did not return with the child, upon calling the father she was informed he would not be returning the child to her care nor would he allow her contact.

Sharon called the police; however, officers were unable to remove the child from his care due to shared parental responsibility, it was at this point the police referred her to NCDV.

Sharon was supported by NCDV and our team to initially apply for an ex-parte Non-Molestation Order which was granted.

The ex-partner then proceeded to demand money for the child from Sharon threatening to continue to withhold any contact with the child unless she paid.

Within days of the Non Molestation Order the NLS team applied for a Specific Issues Order and Prohibited Steps Order, due to Covid-19 lockdown an order was quickly granted for an emergency telephone hearing, on the same day the ex-partner was served with all the documentation regarding both orders.

The telephone hearing was scheduled 4 days later, the NLS team were successful resulting in the ex-partner being ordered to return the child to our client.

Sharon is now re-building from this traumatic experience with the protection of a Non-Molestation Order along with a Prohibited Steps Order to prevent the father removing the child from our Sharon’s care or control.

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