National Legal Service Helps Mother Secure Home From Abusive Ex-Partner

National Legal Service Helps Mother Secure Home From Abusive Ex-Partner

In our latest case story, we look at how the Family team at National Legal Service helped Paula* (not her real name).

Referred to the team by the Citizen’s Advice Bureau Paula had endured a relationship where both physical and emotional abuse were present.

Despite the abuse, Paula felt powerless and fearful of calling the police for several reasons; she was financially dependent on her abuser, he provided the main source of household income, he was named on the tenancy agreement and Paula had nowhere else to go with her children. He also made threats to kill her if she reported him.

Paula’s partner was very controlling of her and had on numerous occasions strangled her; the NLS team became involved when he made a death threat against Paula which was documented on a note.

How did we help?

The team made an application for both a Non-Molestation and an Occupation order which were secured. The Non-Molestation order had conditions stating that the ex-partner was not allowed to visit the property where Paula lived.

At the return hearing the Respondent agreed to remove his name from the tenancy agreement acknowledging Paula had nowhere else to go with the children so it was not necessary to continue with the application for an occupation order.

Where is Paula now?

We are happy to tell you she Is living in the property with her children fear free.
She can go out on her own without fear for what awaits her when she returns home and her mental health is improving.

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