National Legal Service Secures Non-Molestation Order to Protect Against Threats and Harassment

National Legal Service Secures Non-Molestation Order to Protect Against Threats and Harassment

In December 2019, National Legal Service were instructed to help Caroline* (not her real name), a woman who had suffered in an abusive relationship, abuse that continued after the relationship ended in the form of harassment as well as threats.

Caroline was introduced to National Legal Service via a referral received from the National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV).

During the relationship Caroline faced daily abuse; subjected to physical, emotional, and financial abuse.

Caroline had already obtained a Restraining Order prior to contacting NCDV however, it was coming to its end. Due to the ongoing harassment and threats which included attacking her family home with firearms Caroline feared her life was at risk, she urgently needed our assistance with obtaining further protection.

The team quickly completed a means and merits test to determine Caroline’s eligibility for Legal Aid. Once confirmed the team completed the relevant emergency Legal Aid application.

The NLS team obtained Caroline’s full instructions via a witness statement. They used the information to make an application for an Ex- Parte Non-Molestation Order which was granted.

A return hearing was set, and Caroline’s ex-partner was served however, he did not attend. Therefore, at return the hearing the order was made final giving Caroline the protection she needed to ensure her safety once the Restraining Order came to an end.

Caroline is now happily protected and feels she can enjoy her life without having to look over her shoulder worrying about her safety.

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