NLS are highly experienced and have the expertise to represent individuals who have had a loved one died whilst under the care and control, or by the action of an institution such as Hospitals, Police, Mental Health Unit or HM Prison Service.

As such family members will not have a full explanation or account for what happened to their loved ones so they must undergo an Inquest (fact finding) conducted by a Coroner. It is extremely important that if you find yourself in this situation you have access to legal advice and Lawyers who are able to represent you both in litigation and as an Advocate.

Inquests can be quite complex and can be quite a mind field especially for those who have never had to go through one before. It is vital that you have an expert lawyer who will carry out any work, ask the right questions and demand the answers you want to know on your behalf.

Here is a list of just some of the matters NLS will deal with the following;

  • Correspond with the Coroner on a regular basis;
  • Correspond with the Coroner on a regular basis;
  • Take instructions and make statements from you and any other key witnesses;
  • Consider and instruct an expert where necessary;
  • Advocate at the inquest;