National Legal Service Gains Protection for Mother from Violent Ex-Partner

National Legal Service Gains Protection for Mother from Violent Ex-Partner

Earlier this summer National Legal Service were instructed to assist Lacie* (not her real name), a Mother who was in an abusive relationship, who was finding it difficult to leave due to having a child with her abuser.

Lacie had endured endless amounts of abuse from her partner and now needed help with leaving and staying protected.

Lacie and her ex-partner were in a relationship for 3 years, they were religiously married for 2 years. Her ex-partner would harm her regularly whilst they lived together both physically and emotionally. Examples of his horrific abuse include pushing a wooden bat into her stomach whilst she was resting in bed. Lacie suffered a miscarriage later that month.

On another occasion he threw a table at her and then strangled her. Lacie informed the police but sadly they took no further action.

Due to the abuse, Social Services became aware of the family resulting in the child being put on a protection plan.

Lacie discovered her partner was in another relationship; he had created multiple fake social media accounts and was conversing with unknown women. This is when Lacie and her partner separated.

Following the separation, he started to harass her, sending messages stating he was sending people to watch over her. He also threatened to kill himself and Lacie’s next partner along with any children they had if she did not reconcile with him.

And so, the abuse continued, he threatened to post inappropriate nude photos of her onto social media. He made plans to have another woman have a fight with Lacie.

The police were called when he attended Lacie’s parent’s property banging on the door threatening to kill her. The police escorted her ex-partner away from the house but took no further action.

Following a referral from the team at National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV) National Legal Service applied for and secured a Non-Molestation Order which her ex-partner was served with. At the return hearing the Order was granted and made final.

Due to her low income Lacie received Legal Aid to cover the costs of the Order and work completed meaning she did not struggle financially for her protection.

Lacie and her child are now living in safety without fear, they are now able to move on with their lives.

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