NLS Helps Domestic Abuse Victim Secure Occupation Order and Return to Her Home

NLS Helps Domestic Abuse Victim Secure Occupation Order and Return to Her Home

Lauren* was referred to us in order to help her obtain an Occupation Order following the breakdown of her relationship with an abusive partner.

Lauren had applied for a Non-Molestation Order, which was granted ex parte online at Birmingham Crown Court but then ordered a return to court two weeks later to consider the Occupation Order.

Lauren had endured severe emotional and physical abuse at the hands of her ex-partner and was afraid of what may happen next. Despite the NMO being granted, her former partner continued to live in Lauren’s home, due to the Occupation Order not having been granted.

Lauren was given emergency accommodation by Women’s Aid as she was too afraid to return home. National Legal Service supported Lauren during the return to court. The NMO was finalised for a period of 12 months. The Occupation Order was also granted at the second hearing, also for a period of 12 months.

With protection in place, Lauren now feels safer. She has been able to return to her home and is relieved that the NMO is in place for a 12-month period.

*Not real name.

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Shaoli has been a solicitor at NLS for over two years, transitioning from a background in criminal law to full-time family law. Her experience as a Criminal Duty Solicitor has equipped her with unique skills that are invaluable in her current role.
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