National Legal Service Helps Pregnant Woman Secure Non-Molestation Order

National Legal Service Helps Pregnant Woman Secure Non-Molestation Order

Having been subjected to verbal, emotional, and physical abuse for some time, Sally* approached us through a professional recommendation to assist with her application for legal aid and an ex-parte non-molestation order.

The respondent in this case was the father of Sally’s baby (she was pregnant with the child at the time of the abuse).

An incredibly difficult pregnancy was compounded by harassment from the respondent, who Sally told us was verbally abusive to her throughout their relationship.

This would involve called her abusive names, as well as physical pushing and intimidation. Most worryingly, our client said that the man was threatening to harm her once she had given birth to their child.

Sally’s ex-partner was unpredictable and had her fearing for her safety, she was concerned that he could visit her home uninvited without formal intervention from the courts.

We took instruction from Sally and applied for legal aid on her behalf through delegated functions in the first instance, as well as completing a witness statement.

Given the circumstances, we submitted an application to the courts that a non-molestation order should be granted for our client.

The judge granted an interim order and all court papers (including the order) were served on the respondent. As the respondent did not attend the return hearing, the court then ruled that the order should be declared final.

Sally was very happy with the outcome of the proceedings and has now moved on with her life.

*Not real name.

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