Family Solicitors Liverpool: Your Trusted Legal Advisors

Family Solicitors Liverpool: Your Trusted Legal Advisors

Getting the right legal support can be critical, particularly if you are trying to navigate a family case through the courts.

At National Legal Service we know that legal processes can often be time-consuming and confusing if you’ve never found yourself involved with the family court.

Choosing the right solicitors to take on your case can make all the difference between having your desired outcome and being left to figure everything out yourself, which is why we believe in providing the best quality legal advice to every one of our clients that approach  our Liverpool office.

If you think you may need legal support with an upcoming case, we’re here to help you. Keep on reading to find out more about choosing a family solicitor in the UK and what we can help you with.

Why do I need a family solicitor?

The family courts deal with a huge number of cases, from domestic abuse to care proceedings (when social services are concerned about your child’s welfare). Although some of these cases can be more complex than others, having an experienced family solicitor on your side will always be extremely beneficial.

Family law is a very complex field that often involves a lot of stressful and emotional subjects, so having an experienced solicitor on your team can help to guide you through the process. Our empathetic team of solicitors understands the sensitivities around family law topics and can support you with clarity through any family law issues you’re going through.

Although it may not be mandatory to instruct a family solicitor for your case, having one on your side will often make the entire process easier and you can increase your chances of getting a positive outcome for you and your family.

How much does a solicitor cost for family court UK?

The cost of a family solicitor will depend on a range of factors, including the complexity of your case, the amount of support you need, and the experience of the solicitor you choose. Depending on the legal advice required, some solicitors will charge an hourly fee, and some will indicate that a fixed price may be suitable.

Paying for legal support can be expensive, so it’s  worth looking into whether you are eligible for legal aid. Legal aid is given to people based on meeting certain eligibility requirements that relate to their financial situation and the nature of their case.

At National Legal Service, we’re one of the biggest providers of Legal Aid in Liverpool and would be more than happy to discuss your case with you to see if you are eligible for this support.

How do I choose a family solicitor UK?

Choosing a family law solicitor is an important decision; this is the person that’s going to guide you through the sometimes confusing legal processes and present the best case for you in the courts.

When making your decision, you may want to meet with a couple of solicitors in your area and choose the one that is best able to meet your needs, has experience working on similar cases, and is someone who will be able to deal with your case with compassion.

Experience is important, but you also have to trust this person with personal information that can sometimes be emotional to talk about. At National Legal Service, all of our solicitors are not only knowledgeable experts but are also dedicated to doing what’s best for our clients.


What do family solicitors deal with?

Family solicitors deal with a wide range of different cases, although most people will have their own topics of specialization.

Some of the cases our family solicitors at National Legal Service can help you with include:

Is it better to have a solicitor in family court?

Family court can be an intense place if you have no legal background; it can be hard to understand the proceedings and almost impossible to correctly represent yourself if you don’t have the help of an experienced solicitor.

We’d recommend contacting a solicitor as soon as possible when you find out your case may potentially be going to court.  Early advice is often the best advice.

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Shaoli has been a solicitor at NLS for over two years, transitioning from a background in criminal law to full-time family law. Her experience as a Criminal Duty Solicitor has equipped her with unique skills that are invaluable in her current role.
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