Domestic Violence Solicitors

Domestic Violence Solicitors

Cases of domestic violence always call for an empathetic and experienced legal team. Whether planning to flee a dangerous situation or making arrangements to escape the cycle of violence, for both yourself and your children, we know how difficult it can be to make the leap.

This is why choosing the right people to work with you on your case is essential. National Legal Service has particular expertise in this area and our domestic violence solicitors are amongst the best in the country. We are committed to handling your situation with care and tact at every stage.

How can our domestic violence solicitors help?

There are many ways in which we can help you. Despite a growing awareness of the issue of domestic abuse and domestic violence, only through working with an experienced family law professional will you truly be able to gain the expert care you need.

When an individual is facing domestic violence, the initial concern is obviously to remove that person from dangerous situation as quickly as possible. This is often complicated further by the presence of children, but also adds to the urgency of the case.

One way in which our domestic violence solicitors differ in this regard is that they are adept at helping to remove any affected individuals from the situation with speed and effectiveness. They do this through their knowledge of the Family Law Act 1996, which allows for non molestation orders to be granted – protecting clients from their abusers. We also work closely with the National Centre for Domestic Violence and can place a range of resources at your disposal.

Your appointed domestic violence solicitor will be with you every step of the way to assist not only with any court cases which are required, but to help with practical areas such as your housing, community support and finance, too. Please be assured we will review your situation in detail before planning the correct course of action, which will be discussed with you throughout.

What if I can’t afford legal representation?

It is not necessary to have lots of spare funds in order to receive legal assistance with your domestic violence case. If certain criteria are met, you may be eligible for Legal Aid. This will ensure that your case is still handled by an expert team of your choosing but covers the costs of the case.

Legal aid cases applications are assessed on a means and merits basis and our teams will assist in carrying out a preliminary assessment to determine if you are able to secure legal aid for your case.

Alternatively, we can offer competitive fixed fee/low rate fees so that you can receive the help and advice required.

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