National Legal Service Represents Abused Woman Seeking an Emergency Non-Molestation Order

National Legal Service Represents Abused Woman Seeking an Emergency Non-Molestation Order

*Juliet was referred to National Legal Service after contacting the National Centre for Domestic Violence seeking an urgent Non-Molestation Order (NMO). Juliet and her ex-partner had known each other platonically for nine years and lived in the same property for two and a half years. They moved in together in July 2019.

Juliet’s ex-partner would regularly become intoxicated through the use of alcohol and recreational drugs in her presence. While under the influence, he would argue with her and threaten to hurt her physically.

These confrontations left Juliet feeling scared and vulnerable as she had no friends or family in the local area she could turn to for support or escape. Following an altercation on the 3rd of April 2021, both Juliet and her ex-partner were removed from the property.

Juliet’s former partner moved back in with his ex-wife and their daughter but continued to subject our client to harassment and intimidation, both himself and via his family. Juliet was afraid that he or his family would physically harm her. In addition, her ex-partner was a heavy drinker who could become highly volatile and unpredictable when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

We helped Juliet to apply for legal aid funding to help cover the costs of her case. When funding was granted, we took a witness statement from Juliet and completed the application to the court for the NMO. The emergency NMO was granted and served to Juliet’s ex-partner. A copy of the order was sent to the NCDV and the police.

Our client is now free from the harassment of her ex-partner and his family and hopes to move to a new address soon to be nearer her granddaughter.

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