Client Seeking Non-Molestation order and Occupation Order against abusive ex-partner

Client Seeking Non-Molestation order and Occupation Order against abusive ex-partner

Earlier this year, *Sadie was referred to National Legal Service by the National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV). She wanted to obtain a non-molestation order and an occupation order to protect her from her abusive partner, who still lived with her. During their time together, Sadie’s partner subjected her to both physical and emotional abuse.

The NMO was granted following an online application to the Birmingham Family Court. Unfortunately, the occupation order was not granted at this initial hearing which meant that Sadie’s ex-partner still retained his right to live in their home. A further hearing was scheduled to finalise the NMO and reconsider the occupation order.

Sadie found herself feeling afraid and scared of the potential repercussions of having to continue living with her ex-partner following the NMO. As she was too scared to return home, Sadie was referred to Women’s Aid, who provided her with emergency accommodation while proceedings continued.

At the return hearing, the NMO was finalised and put in place for a period of twelve months. In addition, the occupation order was granted, allowing Sadie to return to her home when her former partner had vacated the property.

Sadie met the eligibility criteria for legal aid, meaning the NMO could be put in place without causing her financial hardship.

*Not her real name

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