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National Legal Service specialises in family, care and domestic abuse across various locations throughout the country. In order to support clients from the Chester area, our Liverpool office is staffed by skilled and compassionate teams of solicitors who have assisted numerous families and individuals in navigating the intricacies of complex legal proceedings. With their expertise and empathy, our Liverpool team is dedicated to providing exceptional guidance and support to clients, ensuring that their needs are met with utmost care and understanding.

“The staff in the Liverpool office were extremely helpful. They were able to give me unbiased advice and provided all the support I needed during what was a very difficult time in my life. Going through legal proceedings can seem scary, but the Liverpool team made me feel understood.”

With decades of experience, our multi-disciplinary team of experts handle a range of family law cases including domestic violence, divorce and separation, Occupation Orders and Non-Molestation Orders.

Our friendly team is made up of a team of professional and knowledgeable solicitors passionate about helping our local community. As we expand our locations, and continue taking on new cases, we hope that we can make a positive contribution to more people in the area.

We have built up good working relationships with the Chester Civil & Family Justice Centre thanks to the hard work from our Liverpool team, as well as other local courts. As a result of these relationships, we are able to provide practical information about the legal process and what to expect in dealings with the authorities.

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Chester Family Law

What are our Chester Family Solicitors’ areas of expertise?
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"The team at National Legal Service has been instrumental in helping me get through the legal process. I always wanted the best for my child and the solicitors here have been able to help me get just that.”

Our solicitors are able to help with a broad range of legal issues, but our expertise lies in family law. The team in our Liverpool office has been able to help hundreds of people navigate this stressful and complicated area of law.

Our Liverpool team are active members of the Chester local community. They work tirelessly to provide unbiased and professional legal representation across many types of cases. Some recent examples of where we have been able to make a positive difference include:

  • Offering practical and moral support to local families during the adoption process.
  • Helping women who are experiencing domestic abuse to obtain legal protection.
  • Guiding divorcing couples towards a fair financial settlement.

Whether you need help during a divorce or wish to apply for a Non-Molestation Order, our team of solicitors will be by your side every step of the way. We know that legal proceedings can be complex and feel incredibly daunting. Please rest assured that your appointed family solicitor in Chester will walk you through each stage of the process so you know exactly what to expect. Previous clients tell us that this clarity can help to reduce the fear of the unknown and lower stress levels during what can be an extremely worrying experience.

No two cases are the same, but our deeply knowledgeable family solicitors provide professional legal representation regardless of how simple or complex your personal situation may be. We regularly represent clients in Chester who facing an emergency and need immediate help. Similarly, we can guide you through lengthy legal proceedings during ongoing family law cases.

When you choose to work with National Legal Service, you are choosing to work with a team of solicitors who care deeply about your wellbeing and work hard to achieve a positive outcome on your behalf.

What if I need Legal Aid?

Everyone should get the legal representation they need when they are dealing with a family court issue. We firmly believe that professional legal representation should never be something that’s only reserved for people from financially secure backgrounds.

This is why, at National Legal Service, we are one of the biggest providers of legal aid in the country.

Dependent on key criteria, we will be able to help with your case, regardless of your financial situation. All legal aid applications made through our Liverpool office will be treated on a case-by-case basis by the appropriate authorities and will be subject to means testing.

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