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When you find yourself dealing with a family law issue, the support of a professional and capable team of local family solicitors can be invaluable.

At National Legal Service, we pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted law firms in the UK. Our Milton Keynes services are likely to be run by our Luton office, an extremely compassionate and professional team who have managed thousands of family law cases, and have been instrumental in helping countless individuals, families, and children access legal support in all manner of circumstances.

Our team of talented solicitors hold an extremely wide range of legal knowledge covering subjects such as:

“I don’t know what I would have done without the team at National Legal Service Milton Keynes. They helped me through a really tough time when I felt completely lost. They were on my side when no one else was.”

As a key point of contact for people in the area looking for legal support, our specialist team is dedicated to offering practical legal support. We’re confident that you’ll find us to be empathetic and compassionate in the face of even the most complex of cases.

After expanding our business to cover Milton Keynes through our Luton office, we have been able to foster excellent working relationships with many legal professionals and institutions in the city. Through our connections with the Milton Keynes Family Court, we’re able to give our customers relevant legal advice and set expectations around what they can expect to experience as they go through the legal process.

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How to Find Our Luton Family Law Office

What are our Milton Keynes Family Solicitors’ areas of expertise?
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“I have no legal knowledge whatsoever so when I found myself in a position where I had to go to the family courts, I had no idea what I needed to do or what to expect. I felt confident that with National Legal Service by my side I’d get the outcome I deserved.”

Going through legal proceedings can be extremely stressful and emotionally exhausting, especially when it involves a sensitive subject matter like your family and their wellbeing. At National Legal Service, we understand that going to court is daunting. We do our very best to ensure that each of our clients feels comfortable and confident during any interaction with the courts.

Our solicitors are deeply knowledgeable in the complex area of family law, so we can provide you with accurate and professional support during tough times. Our team has helped many local people to secure Emergency Protection Orders, Care proceedings, escape abusive relationships and settle child arrangement disputes

Our Luton Office is currently managed by Attia Hussian (an accredited member of the Law Society’s children panel) (see website for more details of her profile)

Each case is unique, we work with every client on an individual basis, which means looking at each case from all angles and providing the best legal support we can. Whether it’s a straightforward matter of filing paperwork, or representing you before the courts, we’re here to help.

What if I need Legal Aid?

Going to court can be an expensive ordeal that not everyone has the money to fund. Your personal financial circumstances shouldn’t mean that you have to compromise when it comes to legal representation.

National Legal Service is proud to be one of the largest providers of legal aid assistance in the UK, helping clients get the support they need when they thought they had no one to turn to.

To be granted legal aid, you will need to submit an application. Your application may be means tested and you may be required to pay some of the legal costs, depending on your circumstances and the type of legal case you have.

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We take each inquiry seriously and will treat everything on a strictly confidential basis. Call 020 3601 5051.

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